EcoGold is a modern precious metals company with a Planet before Profit focus, applying specialized technologies & processes to recover up to 98% of gold from mine tailings, waste and mine affected wastewater extremely cost effectively, and with a high regard for environmental credentials

Transforming uneconomic mines, mine tailings & waste into a valuable resource, EcoGold maximizes environmental stewardship, and unlocks new streams of shared value for shareholders and community stakeholders and positively impacts climate change

EcoGold is strategically positioned for sustainable, data-driven development of high-margin precious metal assets with minimal capital risk & maximum resource transparency with a massive total addressable market

EcoGold liberates gold (and other precious metals) from mine waste, tailings and mine affected wastewater, concentrates the metals and recovers up to significant quantities of available resource. EcoGold processed wastewater is clean water that is safe to re-use, store or release to the environment



A Golden Opportunity for Stakeholders and the Environment


Convert mine tailings and mine affected wastewater into a valuable Natural Capital Resource


Re-process tailings and mine affected wastewater and return clean water that is safe to re-use, or release to the environment


Planet before Profit, Our people, Safety, Passion, Precision and Performance are the core elements of the EcoGold team

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